i want to try to do things like this monthly, if not weekly. feel free to copy these prompts and answer yourself (if you message me in response to this article i’ll check yours out as well). social media links at the end.

1) three problems with social media
a) this is going to be the most obvious and generic answer, but it can be so distracting and addicting for some
b) another (and again, generic) is that it can really negatively impact the way individuals view themselves when they’re being bombarded by photoshopped models and people who appear to have their lives completely together
c) while it’s great to talk to people from really anywhere, some people tend to let that replace making connections with people that are physically around them

2) your earliest memory
my papa bought me a winnie the pooh blanket when i was about two

3) which celebrity gets on your nerves the most and why?
i’m going to include youtubers in this mix. it’d definitely have to be Tana Mongeau. she really irks me. just seeing photos of her pop up in my discover feed makes me angry.

4) if you could be any disney villain, who would you be?
probably the Evil Queen. Once Upon A Time probably influenced this choice tbh.

5) a favorite meal
this is so lame but i just love spaghetti and garlic bread. there’s also this doritos taco salad that i absolutely LOVE though.

6) someone who fascinates you and why
tbh, i don’t have anyone that i’m absolutely fascinated by but when i was younger it used to be Amelia Earhart

7) a tattoo you have or want and its meaning (if there is one)
i’m not entirely sure i’d ever want to get a tattoo, but i’ve kind of always loved that one that says “God is greater than the highs and lows”

8) a book you love and one you don’t
i love the book “Torn Away” by Jennifer Brown. I read that book last summer and it made me cry quite a few times. I tried reading The Maze Runner one time and just couldn’t get myself to finish it. maybe one of these days i’ll try again and feel different though.

9) what is the view from your window right now?
i’m actually outside right now. but the view is my backyard.

10) a fruit you dislike and why
BANANAS. DEFINITELY BANANAS. they’re just gross. the texture is probably my issue.

11) what was the best thing to happen this week?
miley cyrus released her new album

12) what is something you’re stressed about?
homecoming, if i’m 100% honest

13) share a vivid dream
last year i had a dream i found my dad dead

14) something you are excited for?
thanksgiving/christmas. i know i’m getting ahead of myself, but i can’t wait.

15) how have you changed in the past year?
i’m not as angry. i mean, i still get angry but i’ve gotten better at controlling it. still have a lot of room for improvement, but it’s gotten better.

16) bullet your entire day

  • woke up around 9:15, got up at 9:40
  • ate some cereal while watching Friends. moved myself outside to lay in my hammock while scrolling through social media.
  • spent some time reading and cleaning my room a bit
  • moved back outside and have been here ever since, writing articles and looking for things on Pinterest. I’ll eat dinner in about 30 minutes.

17) last movie you watched?
last movie i watched all the way through was The Bucket List

18) your favorite color and why
i like soft oranges. i don’t know why, it’s just been my favorite color for the past 5-6 years.

19) three fears you have
a) Hell honestly terrifies me
b) suffocating really scares me
c) so does drowning

20) put your music on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initial though is
a) No Sense - Justin Bieber: i saved the whole Purpose album when it came out, but this was one of the few songs i didn’t listen to enough to know. listening to it now, i like it though.
b) Demons - Imagine Dragons: this is not only one of my favorite Imagine Dragons songs, but probably one of my favorite songs ever. it just means a lot to me and i never get tired of it.
c) Lifeline - Melvv (feat. Dana Williams): this was one of my favorites back around May. i still like it though. usually voices like the one in this song annoy me, but i just really enjoy this song.

21) where were you ten years ago?
well, ten years ago i moved away from my hometown and halfway across the country

22) your morning routine
lol i just wake up around 6:30 and try to eat breakfast and get ready for school without being late

23) a family member you dislike
my uncle. i love him, but he really annoys me. one of the last times i saw him he gave me this big speech about how i need to remember my grandparents don’t have much life left (he gave me the same speech three years ago). he’s constantly asking me if i have a boyfriend and honestly, if i did, he’d either know before i saw him again or maybe at this point i just wouldn’t tell him.

24) something you miss
i just miss grade school when homework took me only around an hour and i felt smart.

25) one way you would like to grow in the next year
i’d like to come out of my shell enough to welcome people faster. i also just want to be more kind.

26) thing you love about this time of your life
the activities i’m involved in and (most of) the people i’m surrounded by nearly every day.

27) what you wore today
i just wore jeans and a white sweater

28) the word/phrase you use constantly
it’d either be ‘lit’, ‘shook’, or ‘edgy’

29) what you did on your last birthday
i spent the night in a hotel with my mom and my cousin since we were in another town to see twenty one pilots

30) if you could relive one day of your life what would it be and why?
probably the day after my birthday this year. it just was a good day and then that night i got to see twenty one pilots with my cousin and it was just one of the best days of my life.

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