Well, I must say that I accomplished great things and I was quite happy about them, I was proud of myself. But obviously, there were also horrible situations I went through.
I suffered anorexia. I starved myself and honestly, it wasn´t worth it. I mean, I was thin and all that stuff. But I wasn't happy anyway because I thought that I was fat. I trained like crazy at the gym and ate lettuce and drank water. And that was it.
Today I would go back and tell myself love yourself, because there is no need to starve to reach that stereotype of models. Right now I've learned that men like curves, normally they don't like girls that are like a piece of wood. And you will be happy about yourself because certain clothes look gorgeous in you.

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Another thing is I would tell to my old me is that you shouldn't give your whole self to a guy. At this age, nothing lasts forever. You can´t believe that he is the sun and you should spin around it. Darling, you are way more important to yourself than any men. You can´t be dependent.

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Don't struggle with trying to be so perfect, because depression is going to come at 18 (I have it now, yeah, not cool really). I can guarantee you, that you will be happy eventually. I´m overcoming depression right now. And I must say that having people that around you that care for you as hell, will bring you way more happiness. I recently started dating a guy that is absolutely cute and he cares like no one else has cared for me. You are fucking perfect in every fucking way. Everybody has flaws but they are part of yourself and you have to learn to accept them and be confident about them. That is how you will be truly happy.

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Comfort Zone

Get out of it. Damn, out of it is where shit happens. If you are afraid, do it anyway. If you fail, stand up again and keep fighting. Stop saying: "I dream...", get out of bed and start working towards that goal. You want to travel? Work. You want to go to a good university? Study, be organized. You can´t just lie in bed, wishing things that you aren´t working for.

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