I have noticed that mostly everyone goes through something horrific. There is a certain point that you may think "my life is horrid." If you haven't then that's great, proud of that individual that doesn't let anything hurt them. But honestly, if you have, just remember this is one day or one moment. I am going to give you guys tip about how I handle my emotional moment.

1. Eat
Eat anything you like, from veggies to chocolate. Just make sure its your favorite food of all time. It helps. If not, then maybe something warm, yes even if it is hot.

2. Go run(or walk) away for a bit
I used to do this a lot when I was kid. Every single time something horrible happen I would immediately leave the scene and go away from it. Maybe a park or somewhere away from society. Just to relax and think about it.

3. Talk to some one you trust
This one is a bit hard for me because I know I have close friends but it's hard to talk to them when they are busy 24/7. So instead I would call a hot-line number or wait for a friend when they are not busy.

4. Listen to Music
When I am caught in a bad moment, I listen to depressing music to cry it all out. If not then up-beat music.

5. Cry it all out, or anger, or scream at the top of your lungs
It's best to not hold anything in because it builds up more. Instead cry it all out, there is nothing wrong showing your emotions. If your angry, try going to the gym and punch something. If you want to scream, go outside where there is no society and scream as loud as you can. Don't scream into your pillow, it doesn't help much.

6. Do your favorite hobby
If you love to write, write everything you feel. Doodle or draw. Play your favorite instruments, or watch your favorite movie.

Remember these are the things I do to get over a hard day. Stay up guys. ILY ~Em