I'm tired of the routine,
to do the same thing every day.
Of not achieving something better with my life,
or at least with my day.

Without prior notice
I find myself in a big mess.
It's hard to get back to me,
I feel this can catch me
he's not going to let me go
and there is no doubt that he will face me.

These verses are a disaster,
and the bad thing is that I'm getting used to it
to the idea that I'm not going to stop,
nor adapt to what I am choosing,
since I am aware that I am losing ...

Just one chance...
because I want to live with dignity,
and not be a mediocre.
And I can do it
I just need to immerse myself in the sea of ​​ideas:
to create new dreams
and start to live better moments.
The key is whether you're good,
good human
better person.
Noelia S.M