A woman with a strong personality and a very kind heart. A woman that always wanted the best of humanity. A smart doctor and a scientist. Wife of the bloodthirsty Dracula and mother of Alucard.

She was betrayed and executed by humanity, thinking she was a witch. She was born and rised in a small village named Lupu.

Descendant from a holy bloodline. Looks similar to Dracula’s ex wife Elizabetha.

A fearly good herbalist, that can name and identify many diffrent herbs. She studied herbalism from a very young age and discovered the healing abilities of varius herbs that was near by her. She could brew uncommon potions that could heal many of illneses.
She loved to travel and discover new things; that could help her process with her work as a doctor.

While traveling she would always carry with her father’s dagger in case of an unwanted attack; or if she needed to collect something.

She is a collector of gemstones and scientific books. She loves cats and white doves.