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Day 15
If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

It took a day to decide it and finally, I decided it is a cat.

They are super cute just like me, 😁😁.

adorable adorable

They could take naps wherever, whenever, and however, which is a quality I would like to have.

animal animal

They are super loving and caring, they give the best hugs and cuddles.

animal animal

They look so cute while sleeping.

animal animal

They do funny things with their faces.

animal adorable

Shawn Mendes loves cats.

shawn mendes, cat, and shawn image
Article picture.

I have always loved cats and always wanted one but my mom says that I am young to take full care of them and that she cant do that s I am waiting for the day that I will be ready.

animal animal

I am really sorry guys for the late challenge update its because school mess my time up and blocks my brain so I cant write articles even on my free days sometimes, hopefully, I will try as much as I can to publish them at least one day late not three, I am really sorry guys.

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