Today’s topic is one of my favourite topic ever : my favourite books and let me tell you something, it’s gonna be a shitty long article so if you don’t read it till the end I can understand just pick the one that seems interesting for you. Also, those books aren't listed in any specific order and absolutely not by my preference.

A long walk to remember -Nicholas Sparks (1999): it’s the first book written by this author I’ve read, and the first whose introduce me to the tragical romance. This novel is really beautiful and have a great discuss on the leukaemia’s illness in the 50’s in USA.

Au Bonheur des Dames (The Ladies ‘Delight) -Emile Zola (1883): the only novel I really like by this author even if I’ve read a lot of his books. I love the esthetical part of this book showing how the industrial revolution worked in France in the late nineteenth century with all the evocation of the fashion’ shops and the evolution of Paris (the urban planning by the Baron Haussmann).

Bel-Ami -Guy de Maupassant (1885): again, it’s really the Parisian universe from the nineteenth century that attract me to this book, even if the main character is the worst asshole EVER (for real, like if you admire him because of Robert Pattinson characterisation please forget this idea, Bel-Ami is an asshole who manipulate girls so he can gain power in the society, and he’s not even a great journalist since it’s her wife who write his articles, asshole). Speaking of his wife, this novel is a great way to approach how the women’s position in the French culture of this time used to work (in high classes of course).

Belgravia -Julian Fellowes (2016): I must say I start this book because I’m a huge fan of Downton Abbey and this book is written in the same way (that was obvious since is authors is also the creator of the show). You can now imagine a story taking place in the early twentieth century showing the relation between the upper class and their domestics. The love story constructed is very well created and not too fluffy and works beside a family’ secret much more important so it’s great, by that I mean the book doesn’t focus only on the love story.

The readers of broken wheel -Katarina Bivald (2013): certainly, one of my favourite books ever. A book about book, a book about a girl who prefer books over people, a book about a girl who needs book to survive. It’s sound like my biography. Really. Sara Lindqvist take us to her journey in the USA to find herself but also the really meaning of life beside the books. All the characters are really likable and cute and funny. Now I want to correspond with bookworms in USA haha.

Black Widow: Forever Red -Margaret Sthol (2015): let me introduce you to my real obsession on Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff, the spy, the Russian, the assassin, the Avenger, the friend, the lover ... To many words can be apply on her. But only one matters: she is alone. She always had been alone but this novel introduces us in a reality in which she’s not this alone, but worst of all, where she has a failure. And no, it’s not the Winter Soldier (yeah ... I may be a Winter Widow shipper (don’t go on my tumblr if you don’t want to discover how crazy I am about this ship). So, the entire plot is about spying and a huge international complot and how Natasha, Ava and Alex are going to stop it. The love story between the two teenagers was very obvious since the beginning which was a little disappointing for me, I prefer when a love story takes his time to be strongly built (and also, I love the tension haha) but definitely I’ve loved this book and I’ve read it at least two or three times.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society -Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (2008): how can I say that without screaming and losing my mind ... I’M FUCKING CRAZY ABOUT THIS BOOK, I DIDN’T SLEEP BECAUSE OF IT AND I BOUGHT IT FOR LIKE TWO FRIENDS AND MY MOM AND EVEN ONE OF MY TEACHER HAD A LITTLE FANGIRL’S MOMENT WITH ME LAST WEEK WHEN I TOLD HER IT WAS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOK. The story is about a novelist going on a fictive island to meet some of her fan and discovering the story of the isle and one of her habitant during the Second World War. It’s writing as an exchange of letter between the main character, the habitants of the island and the main character’s relative. It’s really a page turner and it’s really easy to read.

One Night In Winter -Simon Montefiore (2013): this book took my breath away when I first read it (I was something like sixteen or seventeen). I’ve always been passionate by Russia’s History and it’s really naturally that I come to this book. The all plot is about how to survive in the thought Russia of the early twenties and how the police worked by this time (I’m piratically sure some of the violence described in the book are use now). Everything start with the suicide of two teenagers near the Kremlin. Both deceased were from the upper class and immediately the case takes a political turn. That’s why the secret police were involve and how a group of teenagers and their relatives were imprisoned. Really, the intrigue is really well written and you want to know what will happen next.

Confusion (or Confusion of feelings) -Stefan Zweig (1927): it’s the first story about a homosexual romance I’ve read when I was fourteen and I found it really beautiful before falling in love with it. The writing is full of grace and elegance and softness. Also, Zweig is one of my favourite author so don’ be surprise to see other works from him in this list.

A Christmas Carol -Charles Dickens (1843): it’s the only Christmas tale I still read every year in December. In fact, I’m kinda sick about Christmas tale in general but this one is an exception. Everybody knows about Ebenezer Scrooge and his adventure before Christmas. It’s also one of the only book my father and I both love and read together.

The Lady with the Camellias (or Camille) -Alexandre Dumas Fils (1852): I discovered this book thanks to the ballet made by the Opera National of Paris. My mother bought the dvd or it was on replay on tv and I loved it. Knowing that, my great aunt (who was a teacher in literature in her early years) talk to me about the book. I bought it the next day and read it in the meantime. And you know what pleased me so much? Not the aesthetic, even if it was really great too, no, it was the fact that this story is based on a true story.

Dracula -Bram Stoker (1897): How can you love reading if you don’t read this book? How can you say you love vampires if you don’t read one of the first book on the subject? I love this book, both because it’s written like a diary but also because all the characters are really great. Also, Dracula seems a perfect vampire and not the cliché they are now (yes, I didn’t like Twilight).

From the Bottom of my Heart: letters to her nieces -Jane Austen: This is hard to keep my calm right now. Jane Austen had always been my favourite author, just to say I’m writing an essay on her for my English’s class, and I’ve always been fascinated by her character and that’s certainly because we don’t know very much about her and her life. This book is a collection of letters she sent to her niece since her sister, Cassandra, burnt all her letters at her death. Reading those letters is like rediscovering Jane Austen’s work and thought, she was such a modern philosopher for her time, it’s incredible. She had a modern view on her society, love and the women’ statue in the society, it’s wonderful to read.

Fangirl -Rainbow Rowell (2013): this book could have been named “Gaëlle’s life in university”. Except the love part and the roommate and the twin this is my life. I too struggle with meeting new people, I spend much more time on my computer than with actual people, I too doubt of my skill in writing, this is my life in a book.

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee -Agnès Martin-Lugand (2013): I’ve read this book recently and I really liked it. Most of all because of the description of Ireland, one of my dream trip. FYI my mother and father made a trip there and that’s why I’m named Gaëlle. That being said, the depiction of depression and grieving is perfectly made and can make you cry, a lot (no, I’m not sensitive AT ALL).

War and Peace -Léon Tolstoy (1869): one of the most difficult books I’ve read and yet I adore it, even more than Anna Karina. It’s really hard to apprehend this book because of all the characters and stories told in one book. To be short, it’s the story of brilliant Russian families during the campaign of Russia and how they lived at this time. Both the movie with Audrey Hepburn and the show with Lily James are really good in their own ways.

Harry Potter -J.K.Rowling (1997-2007) : Do I really have to present this world wild known book? I don’t think so. Between, the sorting hat placed me in the Ravenclaw (when you read this article you can easily understand why). I’m not gonna say how much I loved this saga because everyone does so but yeah I really like the book and I’ve seen all the movie too many time.

Hernani -Victor Hugo (1830): it’s a play, the first in this list but not the last. I had to study this play in first year for university and as ever it kinda annoyed me but I read it again some month later and I enjoyed all the drama and historical story. Plus, Victor Hugo is a really good French writer, if you have to read one it’s him, forget Flaubert and his Bovary, even him didn’t like it.

Magnus Chase: the sword of summer -Rick Riordan (2015): again, this will not be the only book by Rick Riordan. I fell in love with him since the first Percy Jackson’s book, and if you had read it you must know why. The Nordic Mythology wasn’t my cup of tea until the release of this book. Again, Rick Riordan kept my interest so I start acknowledging some little things about mythology and now I can’t wait for the release of Ship of the Dead the last volume of this saga.

Les Mains Libres -Paul Eluard (1938): I’m not a big fan of poetic works in general but this one is really beautiful. A must-have if you love surrealism.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower -Stephen Chbosky (1999): I wasn’t really convinced by the movie but a closed friend convince me to read and I must say I’ve been fascinated by the story. Charlie is the kind of boy you want to protect at every cost and I was concerned by all the problem he faced, he or his family. The treatment of sexual assault by a relative is well-written and easy to understand. My little cousin (who was fourteen I think at this time) read it and wasn’t chocked and she had been chocked by far less than that.

Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children -Ransom Riggs (2011): a great story full of imagination and whose took me to another world where our worst nightmares can be true but can also be fight with hope and those who can see them.

Northanger Abbey -Jane Austen (1817): I think it’s one of my favourite book by Jane Austen after Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Actually, this is a literal critic of girls in Jane Austen’s time. Austen was really cynical but also objective and Catherine is a portrait of the cliché of readers who wants to be scared by “horrible” books. But Catherine is naive and she’s tricked by her own mind. A really interesting novel.

Twelfth Night -William Shakespeare (1601): Shakespeare is my favourite author of plays. I read most of his work but I must say this is by far my favourite, mostly because it has a happy ending. And Sebastian has been my paper crush for nearly two years when I was in high school (please don’t judge me).

Pride and Prejudice -Jane Austen (1813): this is it, the first book I’ve read of Jane Austen, the only book I’ve read for a month again and again when I was twelve years old. My mother had to take the book from my hand to stop me. Lizzie is my spirit animal and I can’t stop laughing when I think about Jane Austen naming the perfect girl in the book by her own name. And Darcy is my prince charming.

Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus -Rick Riordan (2005-2009 and 2010-2014): what can I say about those sagas? Rick Riordan is a master in writing, the one who can make me smile when I feel really down and who reminds me to keep fighting even if I have the feeling everything is going to end bad. Percy Jackson taught me that it’s ok to be different because we all have our flaws and the Heroes of Olympus taught me to treat my friends like my family.

Peter Pan -J.M.Barrie (1902): let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, a mother read every night a book to her daughter to help her to sleep. One day she came with another story. What she didn’t was that it turns out the girl fell in love with this book. Since this day, it was impossible to read another story to the little girl and if the mom try to read something else the little girl cry. This story is the beginning of my obsession with Peter Pan. I’ve read it at least one hundred times and still love the story. Not the one made by Disney but the original one. I also have watched the movie made in 2003 a thousand times. Please, take me to Neverland.

I’m gonna end this article on this book but I have so many other favourite books I want to talk about but I think it already enough and you probably wonder why did you read till there. If you had read till there. But it’s not my fault, when someone ask me to talk about my favourite books I can talk for days and days.

Have a great day.