(Hello guys, I decided that I want to write a fan-fiction. If this is bad can you please tell me what I need to fix thank you! I hope you guys like it <wattpad: starbiscuits>)


Hana's POV

You don't know who I am? let me introduce myself...my name is Hana Kimura, I was born in this lovely city LA. I'm only 17, yes I'm still in High School it's not that amusing...My mother died of tuberculosis, I miss her so much. I live with my dad who who is retired and my brother Yuta who isn't really since he's always working as a idol.

The hate that I've had is building up inside of me as I struggle with school especially this stupid project. My face was just filled with pressure that really needed a break or AT LEAST SOME MOTHER FLYING F*CKING HELP?, why am I the one that has to do most of the work on this freaking project? my lazy ass partner Jay doesn't do anything. All he does is talk to the girls that sit next to him. I don't know how or why he's into psychology, I'm not the person that loves school like normal people would do, I just have my own instincts.

As the school bell rings for the end of the day, I went to the cafe that recently opened with my closest friends which is Jessica along with Krystal aka the Jung sisters. I met the Jung sisters since elementary, their your typical twin sisters you know that twin power. What they love is exactly the same thing, they rarely get into fights. They were also on the idol pathway, Jessica was already in a group but now she has gone solo. Krystal is in a group also but they hadn't have a comeback yet so their on a hiatus for while. As we walk, their faces were filled with excitement, they love going to any cafes and to travel especially. My feet were exhausted as we arrived at the cafe wow this sh*t is far from school but why do we have to walk? we could've asked for an uber you know.

I sighed and walked inside with the Jung sisters...wow this cafe was beyond the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. My eyes look around at how well this is decorated, my mind tells me that the cafe was built with happiness of course I smiled a little even though I'm still exhausted. The handsome boy walks up to us, especially me...I obviously looked and WOW THIS BOY IS SO F*CKING ERHGIH I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.

"Can I help you with something beautiful?"