unfortunately, i am too young to decide where i travel now so in the meantime i shall simply make plans to feed my wanderlust. this will be a very long article but oh well.

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paris, france

admittedly i have already been to paris. i fell in love with the city completely; maybe because it was my first holiday without my parents, the first taste of freedom. paris to me is beige tinted streets, picnics in pretty parks, admiring monuments, falling in love with artwork and getting lost at the louvre drinking and most importantly drinking red wine over delicious meals and laughing with friends. another aspect to me is Disneyland Paris, somewhere I have also been and also fell in love with. I do think it is worth a weekend visit again.

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i decided to lump italy together as one country instead of individual cities because i am intent on discovering everywhere. italy may be at the top of my list of places i want to visit the most. to me, italy is similar in the red wine, art, monument fueled romantic vibe that paris gives me but there are, atleast from what i know, so many other beautiful aspects. there are the charming venice gondola rides, the best food in the world, colourful beach houses in the italian riveria. i would most like to visit rome, milan, venice and the italian riviera.

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santorini, greece

santorini is a new discovery of mine that i am desperate to go to. i think the stunning sunsets and picturesque white buildings are truly enchanting. it seems like a much more relaxed, beachy holiday. somewhere to rewind and sunbathe and forget the monotonous activities of everyday life.

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thailand is such a beautiful country. one of my thai friends visits there every year and every time i see her photos i am desperate to visit. the beautiful sceneries and vegetation are so inspiring. i can imagine feeling cleansed and having a overwhelming feeling of adventure and exploration. in particular i am quite interested in the islands and bangkok.