Just one glance. One moment of weakness. One moment of curiosity. That is all it took in order for the desperation of moving time and space to completely come to a stop. Sound begins to drift into a hole of nonexistence. The motion of swaying winds slows the movement of trees. Then, a sweet breeze of anticipation claims the atmosphere in more ways than one. All fifth senses are invaded by a single shared reality. Just two are in this universe of blissfulness. One second feels like one hundred years, despite the length, more is craved, more is needed. Despite the heavenly moment, mental wishes are transmitted at one another pleading to be released from the painful torture of silence. In a hundred year second, it is all over. They wanted more. They wanted forever. But all they had was a hundred year second of their own eternity. They embraced this moment. Accepted their twisted fate. And with a heavy heart said goodbye.

Only for it to be played all over again.