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"It is already too late for your friend –or friends."

Chapter 11

The uproar of running steps, people screaming and the doors slamming open overwhelmed Ivy's every sense. Well almost every sense. The darkness kept her from seeing anything. Her head was whirling around like a wheel as she tried to see something. Anything.

Only thing she could spot was the shape of the doorway. In the middle of the chaos she started to make her way to the doors. Her advancing was slow and few times someone was near to nocking her down, but she kept her balance.

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And then someone's hand wrapped around her wrist and she was pulled backwards. A scared scream left her lips. The grip around her wrist tightened as she was dragged away from the doors. Desperately she watched the doors move further away.

When the moment of surprise was over and Ivy actually realized what was happening she made an attempt to free herself. She struggled, but the grip didn't ease. If possible it only got tighter and tighter. Ivy gasped in pain.

"Let go of me!" She screamed in anger.

And as if by magic the hand around her wrist unleashed and Ivy was free. She heard the attacker hit the ground and grunt in pain. She took a few steps backwards. She saw a slender figure walking to her direction.

She started to back away from it, trying to escape.

"It's okay little one. Follow me." Azaleia's voice was quiet and calm, as if nothing at all was happening around her. Ivy let out a relieved breath as she realized who the figure was.

Azaleia's hand slid in Ivy's and she gently pulled Ivy after her. She moved gracefully trying to not show how much Ivy was slowing her down. She led them onto the stage and behind the curtains. At the back of the big stage there was a door. Azaleia pressed the handle down and the door slid open, quietly. She gently pushed Ivy through it and quickly followed after. When they both were safely at the other side she pulled the door close behind them.

"But– but my friends. Friend, I mean. I need to get Mary!" Ivy exclaimed.

"Shh, please be quiet or they will hear us." Azaleia said raising a finger to her lips. Her eyes were kind, but had a dangerous gleam to them.

"No way! I'm going to go and get Mary!" Ivy shouted and made an attempt to open the door. But Azaleia was faster. She moved to stand in front of the door, and making so she blocked Ivy's way out.

"I beg of you, please keep your quiet." Azaleia whispered. "It is already too late for your friend –or friends."

"What the hell is that even supposed to mean?!"

"It means, that there is no reason for you to open this door and give away our hideout."

"I don't give a shit about our hideout, I'm going to get Mary! Please, just let me go to her!"

"You will not find her from the other side of this door I am afraid." Azaleia said her voice steady, but a hint of sadness was audible.

"Then you'll have to fight me, because I'm going through that door no matter what it takes!"

"That's sweet." Azaleia said.

Ivy went silent. "What?" She said looking puzzled.


"And how am I sweet? I just said I'm going to fight you."

"Exactly. That you would ever think you even had a chance against me. That is sweet, truly." Azaleia said. Her voice was strong and clear and proud.

"I have a chance against you!" Ivy shouted, knowing she did not have a chance against the girl.

Azaleia let out a delicate laugh pulling a white piece of fabric from under the hem of her dress. She gave Ivy an awry smile before lunging into her direction. Fast as a lightning she was beside her and pressed the cloth against her mouth. Ivy didn't even have a chance to scream before the unconsciousness billowed over her swallowing her into its depths.

Azaleia lifted the girl onto her arms, letting her head lay against her shoulder. She was so tiny. And so innocent.

Azaleia had no idea what the girl had been doing there in the first place. She didn't seem like a usual newcomer. And she didn't know if she was doing the right choice now. The situation was confusing.

She carried the girl across the room to another door. She knocked three times and waited. The door opened slowly letting Azaleia slip through. With the girl in her arms it made moving a little harder. But she still moved gracefully, like carrying a million dollar cargo.

"Who is that, my love?" A voice asked.

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Azaleia lifted her eyes to meet Owen's loving ones. His black hair was a mess and he had a tiny cut on his cheek. Azaleia's gaze grew worried.

"Are you alright? Did you get hurt?" She asked her lover. Future husband.

"I'm okay. Please answer my question." He replied.

"I'm happy to hear that. This is Ivy, she is coming with us."

"Is she...?" Another voice came behind Owen, and Azaleia's little sister stepped out.

"Dead? Of course she is not! Watch your mouth Abigail!" Azaleia snapped to her younger sister.

Owen smiled. "You know you can't save everyone, don't you?" He asked Azaleia.

"I know. But I can save her." She said giving him a confident smile.

"Well then, let's get back to the others." Owen said taking the girl from his companion. The girl was light as a feather.

And then the three of them left.

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