Hey Hearters!
This is kind of a continuation of one of my previous articles called Autumn/Fall Tips & Tricks. In that post I mentioned the "basic things" (like boots, scarves, etc), but I didn't really give ideas or inspiration about how to use/wear them. This article is really about how to use them in the most and best ways!
I hope you'll enjoy and let's get started!

Shoes (Oxford shoes)

Oxford shoes are perfect for the warmer days, those are fashionable and comfortable. They can be elegant and bohemian at the same time, they're absolutely in every possible color and you can rock them with jeans or a whole suit.
(there're high heeled or completely flat versions too, the choice is yours!)

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When you're done with your shoes and the weather is much colder, it's perfect time for boots. Again, they're in every possible style and color (my favorites are definitely combat boots) and I can't say a bad thing about them. They're cute, they're warm, they're variable and you can kick really painfully in them - this is real experience.

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Scarves are great. They're fashionable, they're warm and they're so soft - if you choose the right one, you know, some of them are sooo itchy. A huge scarf is perfect with a smaller, neutral fall jacket, plus you can use them as a blanket if it's cold in the school, workplace or anywhere else. If you have more than just one scarf, you can change them based on the colors of your outfit or your mood. Of course, you'll have a favorite one and you'll wear that most of the time, but it's great if you can choose, right?
(as in the past few years, checkered ones are still in the "classic and perfect" category)

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This is a great video, you can learn a lot of ways how you can tie your scarves:

Gloves and hats

Well, these could be two different category, but in my opinion, one of the cutest things in the world when these are matching (okay, puppies are cuter). Based on your personality, your hat can be elegant, bohemian, funny or stylish, it can be more like a "decoration" or it can really save your head and hair from cold, it's really up to you. The thing is the same with the gloves. These can be two-finger ones classic, five-finger ones or absolutely fingerless, the point is that keep your hands warm!

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Fuzzy socks

I think I don't need to explain why fuzzy socks are the best, but I'll do, so: fuzzy socks are life in this season. You can wear them on the streets and in the house, they're so comfortable and soft. They can be great gifts if you choose a pair with special pattern on it. They can really make your day if you wear a colorful, crazy pair!

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Umbrella, raincoat

If you read my article, I said "I bet you don't want to take a shower while you're on your way home", my opinion is unchanged. A nice umbrella doesn't occupy a lot of space in your bag and it's always at hand if you need one. A classic yellow raincoat can be stylish when you're with your friends or family, even in the city if you wear it with confidence! Don't risk a cold, stay dry! (Please, don't mind anything dirty in this half sentence...)

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Flannels are great, they're comfortable, stylish (like everything else on this list) and they're not too warm. They're perfect for layering and you can wear them anyway you want: buttoned, unbuttoned, tied around your waist/hips, with rolled up sleeves or rolled down sleeves, half-rolled up sleeves, variations are almost endless! They can be your best friend, you can always hold one in your locker at school, just grab and wear it if it's cold - and you left your huge scarf at home!

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Sweaters, sweatshirts, jumpers

When you're out of clean flannels, you must need something over your t-shirt but under your coat. Dear Hearter, let me introduce Mr. Sweater! Okay, seriously, sweaters/sweatshirts/jumpers are great and knitted ones are in style again - but when did they go out? I personally love the huge, oversized ones because I can literally hide and lost in them, that's a great feeling, it's like being in your own warm hug, I don't know...

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Well, these weren't on the list in the previous article, but I think I really need to mention them, because it's not clear for everyone to WEAR A COAT WHEN IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. Okay, wear a raincoat or a kimono, but put on something because you'll catch a cold and it won't be pleasing. Believe me, there're a lot of cool coats and jackets, just pick one and use it.
(I think this autumn the oversized coats are in style, if you want to be very stylish)

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You probably wanted to wear a dress or a skirt because you just got it and you wanted to show to to the whole world, but it was too cold outside to wear it. Well, stocking is your friend, grab one in a neutral color (like black, dark brown, etc), put it on and you can wear your skirts and dresses like in the summer or spring! If you want to be brave, choose a stocking with a bright color (yellow, red, green, blue) and let it be the main part of your outfit!

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Of course, accessories are not the typical "basic items", but I think they can make your outfit whole and finished. In my opinion the best accessories for fall/autumn are watches (in brown shades, maybe gold or black) and glasses (real or fake ones, style and color are really up to you). I'd recommend some hair accessories too (like nice bobby pins and following the hippy-style, feathers) but who am I to say to you what and how to wear? Oh wait, I just did it in this whole article... that's awkward.

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Well, it's the end of this article... I hope you enjoyed and you get some inspiration to rock these basic things in the fall season!
If you didn't read the previous article, I can recommend you for some tips and activity ideas:


See you in the next article, hopefully with a really different topic!