Hello fellow Hearties,

Since this is my first ever article on we heart it I'm going to introduce myself to the community. I started We heart it around this time last year. When you go to the internet you're likely to stumble across this page like I did.

It's kinda funny how I struggled in the beginning but then slowly and surely I understand it. I always use this application for inspiration for my room, outfits and to stay trendy about all the new trends swirling around this world.

We heart it is actually my escape from reality. Away from the bullies, my toxic friends, parents or people in general. It's not that I hate my parents or so their sometimes to tiring to deal with.

Enough about that stuff let's go to the juicy part shall we?

My name is Charlyn Clarise and I am a proud Filipino

Both my parents come from the philippines. But I grew up in Germany with an american, filipino and german culture. Pretty weird right? I speak tagalog, english, german and little bit french ( I'm still learning it ). You are probably wondering what the heck does meandcc comes from well it's actually quite simple, when you read it its going to be you and cc and cc stands for my name Charlyn Clarise.

  • I'm currently studying Business Management and Rights
  • People know me as the "Wait whaaaat? that's impossible you don't look like a nerd". It's so annoying just because I don't dress like a nerd and hang around with the schools cool kids.
  • I actually have a small Business on selling handmade Explosion boxes which were made by me. The smallest one cost 10 Euros, the middle one 20 Euros and the biggest one cost 29 Euros. I also sell handmade cards. ( If you want a tutorial on how to make one let me know!)
  • I'm single af sad I know. Let us all cry together.

Now you know me joke. I'm to difficult to explain but atleast I tried right? But I see right through you I know what you are thinking about. You are thinking about Can we be friends? Why am I reading this? Why should I read your future articles?

My answer is: you clicked on this to found out Who meandcc is? Me I'm just a funny sarcastic girl searching for friends on the internet ( Who are not killers, drug addicts or psychopaths). Did I answer your question? if yes let's go on.

I'm not loser so here are my hobbies and the things I like and love

one direction, niall horan, and zayn malik image one direction image one direction, niall horan, and liam payne image one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
One Direction is my life
wattpad and article image books, reading, and wattpad image wattpad and frases image wattpad, golden feathers, and the bad boy stole my bra image
Wattpad addict
girl, piano, and music image music, black, and guitar image guitars image recorder image
These are the Instruments I can play
adidas, shoes, and grey image vans, shoes, and black image black, lit, and white image adidas, shoes, and superstar image
school, study, and article image bullet journal, study, and journal image desk, diy, and study image pastel, cute, and school image
I'm actually a nerd most people don't believe me but it's the true (Bullet Journal is the bomb )
acting, art, and places image music, light, and microphone image
My dream is to be a singer and an actress
fashion, girl, and grunge image lawyer and legal services image miranda kerr, fashion, and model image google apps and android image
I will ether be a president (vote me in 2030 ) or a laywer, a Business woman or head of the marketing in Google. IDK

So that's it. You know me now. Just stay tuned about my future articles.
I'm actually planning on doing a "why" series ( inspired by my ex and why's great movie you should watch it). Should I do it? I'm probably doing random articles too. Just stay tuned for them.

Thank you for taking time to read this worthless article. I love you and I wish you a great day.


(I didn't checked my grammar so bare with my awful english skills)