guess who's back?

damn right, it's yer gal.

okay, so as you may well know, i am an active member of the piccollage community. if you don't know what piccollage is, it's time to move out from under that rock you've been living under. it's basically a social media platform where you can actually show off your creativity rather than your body or your photoshopped life. despite the notorious reputation other sites glean from users, piccollage is mainly a pretty friendly place- yeah, most of the people i've encountered in the past five months have been lovely (the majority anyway;)
so, another question that may have arisen; this is all well and good, but what kind of things WOULD you post?

collages, darling.


either make em artwork or utter rubbish. either evolve your style by looking for inspirations or sit back and do utterly nothing.

i recommend using other sites for your photos/ inspiration- cough: PINTEREST- because there, you will find much better parts for your creations.

looking back at this i just want to remind you all this isn't sponsored i just felt like it

but yes this place is literally a hub for people like me and possibly you, so if you're interested get yourself on there and start creating!