Day 2: Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.

1. Family

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Every family is crazy, in a good way most of the times, because...
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2. Friends

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I mean, come on. Who else is going to support all your crazy ideas?!

3. Health

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Honestly, just existing bewilders me. Not to mention being able bodied, its a blessing. That I don't face as many difficulties as others might.

4. Where I am currently living, its safe.

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Sunny Singapore

5. Opportunities I have had. Education and jobs.

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6. Being born in this day and in this age, though its not perfect, we can let our voices be heard one way or another.

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7. The internet.

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Honestly, this gif sums up the internet..
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Online Games..
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Manga & Anime <3
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8. My past experiences.

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..they've helped shape me to the person I am today.
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This was therapeutic. Quick update, I just got my braces "planted/ installed" today. Guys.. the most painful part was when the orthodontist, was placing the molar teeth rings. Yes, its just like what it sounds like, imagine someone forcing, sharp circular metal rings onto your last four molars, and if its not tight enough, they yank it out and try another size. Well, anyway he told me the actual pain will kick in tomorrow. Great. As if chewing wasn't a torture. Yes, it hurts to even chew soft white bread.

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Side note, bananas and porridge are life savers. My stash of cookies and crisps (*꒦꒳꒦). I've been mashing food against the roof of my mouth to "chew" them. Higher beings help me. Also, I've realized that those aesthetic picture of people with braces are usually when their teeth are aligned and its almost time for them to take it off. LIES! I tell you!

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Bye for now!