The girl behind the Mask doesn't understand that beauty
is in the eye of the beholder
and it doesn't matter how many times I've told her
she still relies on the opinion of people who don't realize
that what they see as shy is the feeling of lonely
the feeling of what she does is not good enough
the feeling of constantly disappointing the people closest
who only want to see her happy.

But instead, they have to watch the deterioration and can do nothing
can do nothing but hope and pray that one day
the girl behind the Mask can finally say
with content and honesty to herself
I'm happy
I can put these feelings of no self-worth on the shelf
and live on and build up my life and repair myself from the past
and can finally say to myself that at last, I've done it
I've beaten the demons inside my soul
the demons who did nothing but make my thoughts and my life cold
the ones who made me contemplate my life, my confidence
my existence and my future
made me feel hurt that can't be fixed with a surgical suture
the ones who made me panic when I even left my room
as if the world was out to get me
as if one day soon my day will come.

When I can't take anymore, the burden of depression has left me too sure
there's no other option, no other way, it's time
time to give my life away.

The girl behind the Mask doesn't see
that her strength so much brighter, you see
the girl behind the Mask doesn't know what she's capable of
it's as if she's blind to how happy she makes everyone
puts a smile on the face of a person feeling down
she's blind about the fact that she can turn a sad day around
and make people smile from ear to ear
but when she takes off the Mask she's filled with nothing but fear
fear of what the next day is going to be for her
as if she's waiting for her sentence
and there's nothing but rumors being spread about her.

The girl behind the Mask is the definition of beauty
The meaning of strength
she needs to know that it's the duty
of everyone who cares to help in the fight
to make her realize her life is her life
to understand there's nothing to be afraid of
she has family and friends that will show depression what they're made of.

The girl behind the Mask needs to lift her head up and open her eyes
and realize that she'll never be alone and as much as she may feel it
the pain she's feeling now
happiness will heal it.

So be strong and proud of the person you are
because with strength and power the end of these feelings isn't far.