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PART 2~~
I've already published an article about my fav parts from the ONE PIECE theme songs, here's a link if you wanna check that out (◡‿◡✿):

Sooo here's part 2, please enjoy!

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{вσи νσуαgє}

"Bon Voyage! Aiming for the radiant light. The beacon we're heading for, that everlasting Sun. Let's go! Show the world the courage within our hearts!"
"Leave behind the remains of our past. I'm sure we can still laugh no matter what comes. If it were to make our dreams come true, I'll never regret those priceless tears I shed."
"So if there's ever a day we're lost without a way out, don't just give up! For the answer is always there, shining inside your heart."

{кσкσяσ ησ ¢нιzυ}

"It's Alright! Now, let's cast off! There's always a burning sun in our hearts. let's catch hold of our desires."
"If we gather the shards of our dreams, they will become a map for the future. And so, Let's stand together under the same flag, and catch hold of our desires. We all are one, One Piece."
"Even though we don't have wings, we are flying at ease in freedom."

{вяαи∂ иєω ωσяℓ∂}

"Start running, Holding up your flag high in the air. Crossing over the endless ocean, let's go out in search, No one can yet find it, a miracle in the world. We just push onward with the feeling of a pounding heart, People who follow their dreams leave footprints behind."
"No matter what kind of stormy nights we have, if our hearts are as one We can get through them, Always."
"There are tears that we don't show to anyone, follow the compass that points towards our dreams. Around the world, start me up!"
"Things aren't going well, we're against a wall, we can't move. We can't do anything, biting our lips, we look like we're hanging our heads. A flower that blooms on the road is strong, We're going to color the road that we travel on in a rainbow of colors. Time won't stand still, It just keeps on passing. So move forward with your own legs"
"Even if we lose sight of the road in the darkness, Don't give up, reach out your hands toward the light. Brand new world, start me up!"

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I really hope you enjoyed this article~ it was so fun to write.!!

Here is my ONE PIECE collection~ check it out kudasai ne>

Waaah,, and since there's still so much more, so I'll hopefully be making more parts soon.
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