hi guys!

so i'm back after a few weeks of school. i didn't really had the time to write a new article but now i have!

so here are a few things you can do when it's raining or just shitty weather :p

1. Movie marathon
watch all the movies/series you wanted to watch some day. get yourself a blanket, hot cup of chocolate/tea or whatever you like, some food and enjoy your day!

2. Making a cake.
look on the internet for a delicious recept for a cake and get the stuff you need. now just follow the directions and make it a nice cooking day.

3. Decorate your room.
look around in your room. do you like it how it looks? no? then redecorate your room! you can look for some inspiration on the internet.

4. Have a spa day.
we're humans and we have body's, we have to take care for it. so grab yourself a masker that you like, put some music on and relax. take a nice warm bath or shower and clean yourself completly.

5. Drawing.
some people hate it some people love it. try something new and make it awesome.

thats it for now, hope you guy liked it! have a nice day and byeee