My passion is launguages and I currently learn French, German and English. Below are some common phrases which should able you to get by in France. The French and English is down below along with the pronounciation.

_1. Oui (wee) = yes
2. Non (noh) = no
3. S'il vous plaît (see voo play) = please (formal)
4. Merci (mairsee) = thank you
5. Bonjour (bon jour) = good day
6. Bonsoir (bon soir) = good night
7. Au revoir (oh rev war) = good bye
8. Je ne comprends pas (je ne com pren pa) = i don't understand
9. Je ne sais pas (je ne say pa) = i don't know
10. parlez-vous anglais? (parley voo englay) = do you speak english?