1 Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18 and find line 4: "the fog became more intense, the weather was getting colder."
2 Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? I don't even use shampoos of the hotels I go
3 who was the last person you texted? My best internet friend, we were talking about fall
4 have you stolen a street sign before? Added to my bucket list.
5 do you tan or burn? I don't sunbathe. I don't get close to anywhere near the sunlight. You could say i don't like summer or spring at all
6 you ever had to have surgery? No
7 are you a righty or a lefty? Leefty but sometimes I can write with my right and too
8 do you have freckles? just a little
9 do you always smile for pictures? it depends on the people I'm with in the pic, i generally wear an obvious forceful smile in family pictures
10 what is the last thing you downloaded on your computer? a photo
11 what's your zodiac sign? ASTROLOGY IS FAKE but leo
12 have you ever peed in the woods? Thankfully, no
13 Have you ever pooped in the woods? No if anyone did this i will hunt them down and choke them in their sleep????????
14 what's your hair color? ginger
15 do you chew your pens and pencils? No...
16 how many people have you slept with this week? I usually sleep with my pillows and a blanket??
17 what color are your eyes? something like hazel
18 do you wear the hood on hoodies? No i don't like hoods
19 is it ok for guys to wear pink? OF COURSE. What century are we living in?
20 What's the farthest away place you've been? somewhere out-of-town
21 are you allergic to anything? I'm allergic to most candies:(
22 do you wear glasses/contacts? There's a pair of glasses that i've been wearing that looks alike Edward Nygma's glasses
23 where in the world would you like to travel? In order; SCOTLAND, NORWAY, ITALY AND FRANCE
24 do you like watching scary movies? yes yes.
25 what were you doing at midnight last night? watching doctor who
26 movies that you could watch over and over and still love? BACK TO THE FUTURE.
27 the last person you kissed/kissed you? I never kiss anyone
28 do you have any phobias? i don't really enjoy looking at bugs...
29 would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? not likely but not impossible either
30 what's under your bed? clara oswald
31 can you change the oil on a car? i can't even ride a bike... though i can ride scooters :D
32 ever gotten a speeding ticket? no but i can relate the speeding ticket with my mother's tongue. "I TOLD YOU TO SLOW DOWN NOW DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER?!"
33 ever ran out of gas? my brother did and I was with him
34 are you sarcastic? sarcastic? i don't know her
35 best thing to eat for breakfast? CEREALS.
36 what color are your bedsheets? pink with patterns of my saliva that comes out of my mouth when i sleep
37 are you lazy? no i'm n
38 what was the name of your first pet? Mocha
39 what is your Chinese astrological sign? ASTROLOGY IS FAKE 2x
40 how many languages can you speak? 2,5
41 what magazines do you read? science and literature magazines
42 how are you feeling right now? happ because it's COOOOOOLD
43 are you stubborn? NO I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!
44 can you whistle? I can, in a parallel universe
45 have you read the Harry Potter series? Yes The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite
46 what's your favourite candle scent? Vanilla
47 do you sing in the car? No but i will when i will get my own car
48 do you sing in the shower? No, i'm more likely to be busy with the shampoo burnt in my eyes
49 have your pants ever fallen in public? yes when i was 3
50 can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows? yes
51 do you make wishes at 11.11? no
52 do you think musicals are cheesy? I don't care
53 dogs or cats? i'm a cat person but i like dogs too!
54 can you touch your nose with your tongue? no
55 can you walk in heels? also no
56 occupations you wanted to be as a kid? I wanted to be a fashion designer but honestly i either dress like i'm going to walk on a red carpet or a homeless person
57 do you believe in ghosts? no
58 ever had a deja-vu feeling? yes
60 do you wear slippers? Rarely
61 do you wear a bathrobe? no
62 what do you wear to bed? shorts and some comfy top but since it's getting cold, i will start wearing pjs
63 have you ever eaten a crayon? no
64 what's your favourite season? autumn and winter, obviously
65 what's your favourite holiday? Christmaaaas
66 do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth? yes
67 peanut or sunflower seeds? PEANUT IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE
68 what is the last thing you watched on tv? I don't watch tv
69 did you ever take dance lessons? yes
70 is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing? yesssss anything related to science
71 can you curl your tongue? yes
72 mac or pc? pc
73 have you ever cried because you were so happy? ...no
74 do you remember your dreams? yes and sometimes i write them down
75 do you wear perfumes? yes i really like cand-vanilla scented ones
76 do you regularly burn incense? no
77 have you ever been in love? no
78 who would you like to see in a concert? Twenty One Pilots, Aurora and Melanie Martinez
79 if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? SCOTLAND.
80 hot tea or cold tea? hot
81 tea or coffee? water
82 If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? a comicbookstore, 64gb pc, even more clothes and whatever i want
83 can you swim well? not really
84 can you hold your breath without holding your nose? yes
86 dj or band at a wedding? No weddings.
87 last time you swam in a pool? two years ago
88 can you knit or crochet? i can knit a little
89 best room for a fireplace? tavern
90 do you want to get married one day? not really... unless he's rick sanchez
91 are you listening to music right now? yes
92 is there anything you're disappointed about? no
93 what quote do you live by? i don't care if i cause problem for other people
94 do you have kids? no for fucks sake
96 what is your favourite color? red, black, green, blue and yellow
97 do you miss anyone right one? oh yes but not reaally
98 do you have any pets? not right now but i will.
99 have you ever had plastic surgery? no
100 which are better, black or green olives? black