Hello everyone ,
Today i'm going to tell more about mine top 5 books that I really liked to read .

Number one : The Hunger Games from Suzanne Collins .
Everyone know the story from The hunger games but still it's a really nice books when you don't feel good or when you just want to read it . Take a blanket and a good cup of tea and you ready to read :) !
Price between : 7 and 10 dollar

Number two : Girl Online from Zoe Sugg .
This book got several hate because it's not written by Zoe herself but still it's a nice book and the story is so lovely . The love between a famous singer and a secret blogger is so nice . If you like a good romance than this books is perfect for you .
Price between : 7 and 10 dollar

Number 3 : Spells from Aprilynne Pike .
If you are more for fantasy but still want a love story this series are amazing . I tell you this book changed mine love for books . I did not like fantasy at first but now I only want to read fantasy . Spells is the second book of the series and really it is in mine heart for like 3 years now and I still love the book . The first book calls Wings .
Price between : 8 and 15 dollar

Number 4 : The Iron fey series and the Blood of Eden from Julie Kagawa .
Julie Kagawa is one of mine favorite authors ( Got a signature of her in one of mine books ;) ) She wrote in here carrier like 19 books . That's insane ! I still need to read like 5 books of her but I take my time for that . The first book I read from The Iron Fey series was very difficult because of the difficult words and also because it begins with a bullying scene and I'm really sensitive for that because I was bullied to but not in the way like that but still it hurts a little but let we talk more about the books . I fell in love with Julie Kagawa her books and everyday I'm like checking if she post something that tells me about a new book that she is writing . I would like to hear your opinion on the book . If you like it or don't .
Price between : 10 and 20 dollar

And number 5 : Love tri@ngle from Francisco de Paula Fernández
What started like a blog is now in two books . It's really insane how a love story can be that hard like a real triangle . If you like a good love story this is the right book for you .

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 books .
I hope i see you next time , bye xxx

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