Hello my friends! What a wonderful season, isn't it?
I personally love fall and winter season because of the ugly weather that even though sucks when you have to go out, it's perfect for stay-at-home days and cozy nights with those warm socks, a cup of tea and a movie!

Apart from that, autumn and winter is that time of the year when I actually love my wardrobe. I have so many staple pieces that work for me every year no matter how the fashion changes, which are the items that I'm going to talk about in this article.

So here's my list:

Turtleneck blouses/sweaters

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especially the tight black ones are my favourite thing for winter.

Leather Jackets

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The reason why I love so much a good leather jacket is their timeless character. Whether it is a black, burgundy, light grey or navy blue jacket, I think it's a great investment for everyone's closet. No one gets bored of a leather jacket.

Jean trousers

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Either blue (dark/light/medium washed) or black they are wearable and versatile pieces. Plus, they're always gonna be in fashion!

Black ankle boots

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also suitable for summer
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not so comfortable, but stylish anyway

As a person who has very slim legs, I have trouble finding the perfect boots for my size. So even though I haven't got my hands on a pair like the ones above, I really like the style of a black ankle boot and that's why they take the first place on my wishlist.

So these are my favourite fashion pieces for the fall and winter season. I hope you liked this article of mine and if you want to, you can send me as a whi postcard your own fashion favourites for this season.
Until the next time, bye!

Love, Kleopatra.