I've decided to start @eifos9 's 15 Days Writing Challenge, just for something to do. I am currently studying for final exams, so there will be breaks between the posts, but I'm going to do the best I can!

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I'm a bit stumped on where to start, what to say about myself. My name is Jessica and I despise being called Jessie, unless it's by my grandparents. I don't hate the name Jessie, it just doesn't suit me. I wear a necklace with a black rectangle and a gold J that my dad bought me in Spain on our holiday when I was in Year 2, or a cord with an aquamarine stone, the stone of protection and protection. My most treasured earrings are my jade hoops, the dream stone, from my nana. She gave them to me because she thinks that she can't pull them off, and that they suit me because I have long hair. But I think she'd look beautiful, she always does.

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Another thing that I treasure is a badge that the school counsellor gave to me. I have been through alot with her by my side, and she has truly seen me at my worse, having to to pull my hair aside as I do that snotty, sniffling and ugly crying. We have a great connection, and I'm so sad that I will be leaving school soon. Recently, she gave me this badge, which is purple and says "masterpiece". She said that she brought this badge at Tate in London, when she moved there for a year when she was young, didn't have much money, and didn't know anybody there. She said that she felt alone a lot of the time, but art and books helped her to get through it. She said this reminds her of me, and she gave me the badge because she thinks I am a masterpiece. It is honestly so special, and I wear it proudly on my school blazer.

The thing in this world which makes me the most happy of all, is my darling cat Poppy. A sweet Ragdoll who had her first birthday recently, I love her more than anything. She loves having cuddles and belly scratches, and I love feeling her little tummy vibrating with purrs. If I get tattoos in the future, I think I would get a little poppy flower somewhere. Also a lavender, because it reminds me of my nana, since she uses lavender hand cream.

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I am seventeen and I am more than ready to leave school. I adore learning, but not the way that school controls it. I am looking forward to university, and want to study psychology so that I can become a child psychologist or social worker. I just want to help people. I also have an interest in art. For school, the theme of my art exhibition was feminism, and I included many embroidery pieces. Currently, I am embroidery a quote for my school counsellor. It is one that she read to me once, because we were discussing my love for art and Van Gogh, and she said this quote reminded her of me, because of how I love finding the beauty in the world;

"There is a sun, a light that for want of a better word I can only call yellow, pale sulphur yellow, pale golden citron. How lovely yellow is!"-Van Gogh.

I adore Van Gogh, because of how he remained in love with the world's surprises, even in his dark times. I struggle with depression, which I am quite open about, and would not be right to disregard in writing this article. I try my hardest to tap into the joyous energy that Van Gogh held, and keep it murmuring inside of me, no matter how soft.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia, but my heart lives in the forest. In between the ferns, beside a river, and under the gigantic trees. That's where I'd live if I could. Another place dear to me, is Germany. I learn German at school, and went on an exchange this year. The beauty of that country is beyond words. I mainly stayed in Marburg, and I adore the castle and the flowers and the cats I made friends with.

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I don't know who I am yet, not completely. But I don't want to know, because that would mean that there is nothing more to discover. I want to find out that I was wrong about my favourite food (right now, raspberries), that I prefer another colour over red, the deepest of reds. I want to grow, I want to live.