Hi readers! Hope you are doing well and if not just dont lose your hope better days are on your way. :)

Start your day by waking up early

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I know its hard to wake up but you will get used to it. One of my favorite things is to sleep all day long, but in this way I wont enjoy my life.

Step outside

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Its not so bad of going out and giving up all your comfort that you had in your home. Go to a place where you can have a great view and stay there until you charge with happiness. And dont forget to smell the flowers the smell really good or instead make a crown with all of them.


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You dont have to be upset that you arent very social and dont have too many friends, you dont need many friends, all you need is a good one to have him or her for eternity and crazy stuff like you were 5.

Adventures are on your way

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never be afraid of doing new things and exploring new stuff and places. DONT get scared of dangerousness JUST TRY IT and never regret. Even if you get in troubles DONT forget that its part of your journey. when you get older you will laugh with your past. :)


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just go to a different city visit the famous spots and take a lot of pictures. Talk to other people and do what it comes to your mind!


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Dont be afraid of staying alone somewhere, sometimes you have a great time just by yourself.

Never forget to live your life like it was your last.