sometimes you get tired of monotonous environment. you want a change. making a change is easier than you think, here are a couple of ways how:

reorganize your phone

reorganize apps on your phone, delete unnecessary photos, videos and music, change your background, etc. make it seem like an entirely new phone

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redecorate your room

dont go too big if you dont want to. take out the old posters and put some new ones. create a dream board, or hand some pictures. throw away all the garbage and but some cute plants.

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cut or dye your hair

sometimes you just get bored of how you look. its never a bad idea to change something about your appearance. get a haircut, or, if you're brave enough, dye it!

or, get extentions or dreads! whatever you want as long as you're happy with it and it makes you feel good.

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reorganize your wardrobe

get rid of all the things you're not wearing anymore (or even better - donate them) and buy some new cute things. its okay if it takes time, save up if you have to.

but clean up your wardrobe and shelves so they only contain what you need. be minimalistic.

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read new books & watch new movies

refresh your mind and get inspired by new sounds and scenes. watch foreign movies and read nonfiction books. watch old movies and read poetry. develop your inner state.

if you need any foreign movie recommendations or any book recommendations don't be scared to dm me! i'm always glad to help.

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thats about it! it feels so good changing something, even if its something small. i personally adore change. i've come to realize that its essencial and useful. embrace it.

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