I wish I never told about my feelings to anyone.I wish I never met him.I wish nothing happened.Loving him was one of the painful thing to do but it was an unrequited love
.He never loved me but he loved her.I was hurt when i saw them holding hands looking into each others eyes and saying that how much they both love each other.I wanted them to be happy just happy.
We dated for 1week 4days and after that he left me because he didnt have any kind of feelings for me but just as a friend and i knew it before we went into a relationship then after 1week he went into a relationship with that girl.
They used to sit together during classes and I pretended as if I didnt see anything but I saw everything.Holding hands looking at each other with love was hurtful but I was happy for him that he at least got who he loves.I felt bad i felt like crying but couldnt cause I didnt wanted to show that I am so vulnerable to him and still I am.After some months that girl cheated on him.Whatever happened wasnt right and i am,was and will be angry at that girl for leaving him like this.He left me for that girl and he would leave me anyway.
We all are just broken inside trying to be happy and we should be happy for those we love and thats what love is.

sorry if there was any mistake in writing this didnt get the time to check.

5:18pm 30/9/17