Yesterday, I came back from my first trip to London. I fell in love with this city and want to share my experiences with you.


After 12 hours of driving from Germany to London by bus, I was very happy to finally arrive at a hotel in Paddington.
In the evening I went to the Oxford Street to get something to eat. Then I visited the Big Ben and the London eye. It was very beautiful, because of the lighting at night.

london eye, me, and night image city, lights, and london image

The next day I walked over the Millennium Bridge to get to the Tate Modern Museum.
In the afternoon I spent a lot of time in the Westfield Mall. There are many stores, which aren´t available in Germany. That is why I was there until the Mall closed.

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Furthermore I visited the Tower of London where I saw the crown jewels of the Queen.


The last day I drove to Oxford and took part of a guided tour through the university. Since then I want to be a student in Oxford. When you are in the Hall where the students eat you feel like being in Hogwarts.

British politeness

Apart from the beautiful places in London and Oxford, I loved being there because of the friendly people. Many people asked where I come from and if I enjoy the trip and things like that. When I was confused in the underground people asked if I needed help. There was no one who was unpolite.

After my first trip I decicded to come back to London as soon as possible. There are many things on my list, which I want to see the next time.