If I am being completely honest, I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. My parents would say too much time, but that is a story for another day. So, because I spend a lot of time in it, I figured I may as well decorate it. But you don't have to break your bank account decorating. So here are a few ideas that I have come up with, to spice up your room.

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1. Lights

there is something about having lights in my room, that makes me feel at peace. maybe it's the mood that it sets. either way, lights are a great, easy decoration for a bedroom.

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2. Cute Pillows

pillows. pillows. and more pillows. you can never have enough, in my opinion.

3. A Mirror.

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a mirror, is not only good for checking if you have any lipstick in your teeth but a great decoration. hang it on a wall, on your desk, by a window, by the door. the really cool thing about mirrors, is they come in all shapes and sizes, so find one that fits your personality and place it in your room.

4. Photos or Posters

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pick up posters at your local thrift store, rip them out of a magazine, basically wherever. whether you want to overlap them or space them out individually, the choice is up to you. polaroids are also a cute, simple way to decorate. plus, it's a great way to remember that particular moment.

5. Carpet

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carpets, can really tie the room together. choose from countless colours, patterns, lengths. basically there is a carpet out there that'll match the theme of your room.

6. Desk.

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a desk is very practical. that's pretty much all I have to say about that.

7. Candles.

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now, if you are like me, I did not understand the fascination with candles, until I was decorating my room. my friend had a bunch that she didn't want,so she passed them to me. thus beginning my fascination with candles. if a shop has a candle aisle, you better believe I am there, smelling every single one of them.

8. Lamps

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they produce light. what room doesn't want light, you know.

9. Beanbags.

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these are literally the funnest things to have in your room. i sat in mine for a solid hour and a half, and had no regrets.

10. Books.

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okay, you don't actually have to read them. hardcovers are a personal favourite of mine. pick up some from your local thrift store and place them around your room.

I hope this was helpful. Happy decorating.