its 7:15 am on a saturday morning..
you wake up and have a craving for always,

you go to your closet and pick out a cute outfit

fashion, skirt, and style image
a scarlet red corduroy skirt
fashion, orange, and style image
and an orange over-sized sweater you pair with thin, see through tights and black Chelsea boots.

after you're ready you grab your purse and your keys and pause for a bit..
you look outside and see the bit of fog in the distance and the orange leaves falling from you're front lawn tree. you look on your weather app and see it's only 68 degrees.

you contemplate whether you should walk or drive.
you decide to walk instead.

'it's only a 8 minute walk', you thought.

you grab your earphones so you can jam on the way.
you walk out and feel the cold breeze hit you.

"good thing i wore a sweater today", you said.

you open your music app and click on your fall favorites playlist. you click play and 'get you' by Daniel Caesar starts playing.
you begin walking and you already start to feel that fall weather.
you've always loved fog and don't know why but its somehow peaceful to you.
fall is by far you're most favorite season.

you close your eyes for a bit as you're walking so you can only hear the music playing throughout your body and feel the breeze hit your bare body through the little holes in your sweater.

there's barely nobody outside but you like it because its silent so you'd be able to hear the wind blowing the leaves away and the sound of your boots crunching the leaves under you.

you're only 3 minutes away from the coffee shop.
it's a small coffee shop new to your town and you've been going since they opened. they have the cutest decor and its so aesthetically pleasing.
you like sitting in the corner table with the high swirling chairs during weekdays after school to do your work, but on days that is raining you like to sit outside and read a book, write, listen to music or even just sit there and listen to the rain because it's so peaceful, there's an umbrella over the area so you won't get wet.
the place is peaceful since they don't have tons of customers and i like it that way.

you reach the shop and you start thinking what you want to order. you think you want to try something new but you might as well stick with your favorite drink.

you walk up and open the door. there isn't many people like you had anticipated. you see Alex, he's an employee and your crush, and mentally prepare what to say before you reach him, the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself in front of him.
"hello how can i get you today?", he says with a raspy voice.
"i'll have an medium almond iced latte with sweetened brew" phew you did it.
"sure can do. can i get a name?".
"yeah, Lily" i say with a smile.
"cool, that'll be $3.25", he smiles back, i give him exactly $3.25 and our fingers touch. i feel electricity going throughout my body but i ignore it.
"it'll be ready shortly" he says and pulls his hand away.

i thank him and sit down before i pass out from talking to him. i've liked him since the 5th grade, i'm a senior now, i know, pathetic, but its love. i can't help but think if he remembers me or not. we have 3 classes together. the barista calling my name snaps me out of my thoughts, i grab my coffee and leave to go outside. i sit at one of the tables outside. i decided to sit out here because its pretty nice today. i pull out my favorite book by Lauren Oliver. its called 'Vanishing Girls'. its amazing. i start reading the couples chapters i have left.

"the truth is this: it doesn't take any skill to almost-die, or to almost-live, either" i read. damn. deep.

i take a sip from my iced coffee and see something written on it beside my name.
' lily, the beautiful flower ♡ '
i gasp, then i hear the bells ring from the door opening...

"may i sit here, beautiful?" i hear him say...

to be continued...

p.s - everything i wrote in this story is mine, and all the names in the story are made up, this is a fictional love story i made up just now at 12:00 am lol, hope you enjoyed :) byeee