I dont even know why i even have friends to be honest with you. Im still shocked that theyre not tired of me and crap. Ugh life. It sucks ALOT!! Im just me, a teenage screw up, and who has her emotions all over the place. And im here, writing my mind. I have this certain emotion where i want what i cant have. But not like a normal want what i cant have, its where my heart is ripped out of my chest when i get that feeling and people do not know how much it hurts, people think they do but they dont. When people or even my friends say, “oh yeah i know how that feels.” i get mad but laugh in my head cause i think they cannot possibly understand what im going through. Im listening to kimbra right now and her new album so far is pretty good. When i listen to people like kimbra, my mood changes from drake loving, pop songs, and other popular crap to grunge, tumblr, and aesthetic mood. I can't believe I just said those words.
This guy is on my mind nonstop rn. We told eachother we like eachother finally and i wish he could just do normal person conversation with me. We arent in the same classes at all so heres no chance for us to. Nine years ive been friends with him. I wish my life just once was like sixteen candles or pretty in pink. I just want to be in a soundproof room and scream and scream and just be alone with nothing. No furniture, people, nothing.

these are some of my old journal writings i did to express myself. i am putting this out there so others can relate. i know that no one person is the same, but there is 7 BILLION people so at least one person can relate to me...i will be back.