She has experienced the love
She went through the happiness
The love
The fights
The heartbreak

She has been through the best to the worst
She gave her all to someone who didn't deserve it
But she didn't realize it until it was too late and she was heartbroken
Now she understands the phrase "love blinds you"

That girl went through fucking hell to get to heaven with her lover but she never got there
Instead she found the devil in her lover and knew there was no good ending, no happily ever after but that wasn't enough for her to leave because she thought things would change and get better but that is like telling satan to say a prayer
It would never happen

Now she has become so damaged she won't trust a single soul
Everyone that tries to enter her life she now pushes them away because she can not bare to feel another ache in her heart and she can not watch another leave her in pieces

She doesn't want to experience love again, she is too afraid
After all the pain she is convinced she is too hard to love and will not let anyone else be in her life

She has been broken by someone and no one bothered to put her back together.

That girl, that girl is me