Hi, my name is Anderson Defrein and today I gonna talk with you guys how the anxiety affect me and my life.

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Yeah, the anxiety broken my heart. Everyday

But... who is anxiety?

Wait for something, wait peoples answer you on the iphone, count the minutes for the end of your work or class. Nothing this is to be anxious. Somepeople maybe think it is, but not. Anxiety is not cool and should not be romanticized.

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How affect me?

My anxiety hurts my mind, my body and don't let me breathe. I lose the control of my feelings and everything seems to be chaos. The anxiety let me wait for bad things happen in day.

My Anxiety comes with a tightening in the heart,a lump in throat, makes me vomit.

My Anxiety makes me feel that at any moment I can fall into tears. With anxiety, I think that nothing I do is good enough.

My anxiety makes me lie every time someone asks me if everything is okay. Even though my mind is killing me, I say it's all good because I do not want to bother anyone with my worries.

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My anxiety makes me feel every second that someone is upset about something I did or said. With anxiety, the weight of everything is doubled and with anxiety I feel that I need to take care of everyone, but I do not let anyone take care of me.

And sometimes...

It may seem like I'm avoiding people, but often all I want is a hug. It is not any hug, it is that hug that the other gives carefully, wanting to be there.

Feeling someone else's chest on my face, it feels like for a few seconds everything is ok. I do not want to hear that I am being ridiculous or exaggerated, I just want know that I'm loved, regardless of the state of my mind.

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I'm ever waiting


If you find an anxious person concentrating inhaling and exhaling repeatedly in a public place, do not ask what are doing ... just stand by and act naturally, maybe try a hug and a light conversation, she's just trying to keep control over her mind and her body.


If you have anxiety, know that you are not alone, that everything is fine, some days are bad, but there is always a better day to compensate. And if you do not, but know someone who has, respect that person, love her and never judge. We are all trying to survive this world, but some people have bigger battles than others. Always be gentle, we do not know what the other is going through.

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Thanks for hear me guys, i love all <3