hey guys! Orginally I was going to make a article relating to fall, but I'll save that for next week (October). This week I'm going to give you some ideas on how to create a theme. I get inspired when I see profiles whether it's from WHI, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. that have a theme. It just makes everything so pleasing to look at. It can draw attention to your profile which could boost the amount of followers or likes etc.

all of these "theme ideas" are coming from an app called "VSCO". It will give you the exact amount of filter and adjustments to follow.

filter, tumblr, and instagram image
tumblr, filtros, and vscocam image
bambi, beige, and filter image
If you're into getting a neutral/tan theme, this is the one for you.
editing, filter, and filters image
filter, tumblr, and instagram image
Red, cherry vintage vibes
filter, vsco, and tumblr image
Blue tint
filter, vsco, and vscocam image
filter, vsco, and vscocam image
filter, boy, and girl image
filter, pink, and vsco image
vsco image
White/Clean minimal backgrounds.
fall, filter, and vsco image
If you're going for a fall theme, this one would be a great one to start off with
aesthetic, cam, and style image
Rose Gold/Pink. Personally really like this one
filter, vsco, and instagram image
clean white backgrounds
photography and vsco image
This is also one of my favs that I've seen so far.

I do realize that not all of these filters are available, or you have to pay money for them. So of course, I will try include some free ones that a fairly close to the ones above and some extras as well :)
also would like to mention these ideas are coming from instagram, so If you want to know what they look like then click the link below the filter adjustments!

brown filter
-A4 filter
-exposure: -3
-saturation: -2

clean/white background
-Filter: E6
- exposure: 0.5
-filter: HB1(+9)
-temperature: 0.5

-filter: P5
-exposure: -1
-highlight save: 6

pale/brown aesthetics
-filter: M5
-exposure: -.5
-satuation: -2

"liza koshy" filter
this one I have always wanted to know cause her feed is amazinggg and its FREE!
-filter: M5
-tempeture: -1
(she may also turn down her exposure or/saturation, so you may have to adjust it or to whatever you like)


Alright, I think thats it! If you want me to do another one like this, please let me know :). I have plenty more but that would be one long article haha.

If you need to talk to me then you can always send a postcard!
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xoxo, India