Do you love animals?
Do you want to stop world hunger?
Save the planet?

Why don't you stop eating meat?

Now, some of you are probably thinking "Oh, another extremist vegan forcing her diet on me" or "what I eat is my choice". And you're right, I'm trying to make you think about it and you absolutely have the choice to eat what you want.

But what if your choice is wrong?

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I'm not good at explaining things and english isn't even my first language so I just want to recommend you some books/documentaries/articles/YouTube channels and videos so you can think more about it...

Articles on we heart it 🍒


  • Cowspiricy
  • Earthling
  • Live and let live
  • Vegucated
  • Speciesism


  • Peter Singer ~ Animal Liberation
  • Aymeric Caron ~ Antispéciste (it's french)

YouTube channels🍊

  • Sorsha (a reaction channel, mostly)
  • Vegan Gains (he likes to do debates live/do reactions/show his abs)
  • Mic. the Vegan (he talks more about the health side, showing us study)
  • Cheap Lazy Vegan (Vegan ideas for food, tuto for vegan recipes)
  • Joseph Lincoln (the poor and sarcastic vegan type)
  • Pour ceux qui parlent français : Esther / Douce frugalité / Antastesia / Gabriel Luneau / Réflexion faite


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