1.- Travel (USA, France, etc)
2.- Go to Disneyland w/ my family and my BF
3.- Lay on a roof and watch the sunrise
4.- Visit Central Park and read a book there
5.- Visit the Eiffel Tower
6.- Bake a cute cake
7.- Go on a carnival date
8.- Let go of a floating lantern w/ family and friends
9.- Jump on a water trampoline
10.- Receive a big and cuddly teddy bear
11.- Own a Polaroid camera
12.- Attend at least 3 concerts by my favorites artists
13.- Have my own apartement / house
14.- See a show on Brodway
15.- Go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London
16.- Meet at least 2 famous
17.- Listen to music and stay in bed all day
18.- Inspire to the people
19.- Having a huge shopping trip
20.- Go zipliping
21.- Swim w/ dolphins
22.- Have a photo shoot professional (or kinda professional)
23.- Become a youtuber / blogger / influencer
24.- Have a lot of followers on my social media
25.- Make a memories album
26.- Be more organized
27.- Meet some actriz
28.- Play laser tag
29.- Build a blanket fort with someone (i rather to a BF)
30.- Write, REALLY WRITE a book.
31.- Give a homeless person a christmas present
32.- Leave positives notes on someone wind shield
33.- Buy every book i want
34.- Have my father walk down the aisle on my wedding day
35.- Keep a journal
36.- Have my dream job
37.- Walk down the Walk of Fame
38.- Become famous (w/ certified)
39.- Have a golden squad of at least 5 or 6 friends
40.- Spend christmas somewhere it snow
41.- Pass al my final exams
42.- Have a movie marathon
43.- Ride in a limo
44.- Fly
45.- Fly first class
46.- Atach a lock to a love bridge
47.- Autograph something
48.- Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
49.- Get my license
50.- Have a picnic (+2)