Day 6. Make a list of your favorite movies.

1- Mean Girls (Chicas pesadas)

cady, christmas, and filme image mean girls, burn book, and pink image

2- The vow (Votos de amor)

Image by a n a the vow, boy, and movie image

3- Love, Rosie

love rosie, lily collins, and movie image love, love rosie, and lily collins image

4- The notebook (Diario de una pasión)

love, the notebook, and couple image love, the notebook, and movie image

5- If i stay (Si decido quedarme)

Image by Denisse Oleson love, if i stay, and sacrifice image

6- Me before you (Yo antes de ti)

me before you, movie, and emilia clarke image books, sam claflin, and gif image
(So in love with Sam Claflin❤️)

7- The fifth wave (La quinta ola)

brother and sister, Sam, and cassie image nick robinson, boy, and the 5th wave image
(So in love with Nick Robbinson❤️)

8- The fundamentals of caring (Los principios del cuidado)

selena gomez and craig roberts image selena gomez image

9- Nerve (Un juego sin reglas)

Image by Sarah680stilinski nerve, dave franco, and movie image

10- Avengers (Los vengadores):

Image by Sarai_vh Avengers, Marvel, and infinity war image
(all of them)

11- The circle (El circulo)

emma watson image emma watson image

12- Beauty and the Beast (La bella y la bestia)

Image removed disney, emma watson, and beauty and the beast image

13- Tangled (Enredados)

disney, princess, and rapunzel image disney, rapunzel, and tangled image

14- Moana

moana, disney, and princess image disney, encouragement, and grandma image

15- Room (La habitación)

movie, quote, and quotes image film, freedom, and movie image

16- Little miss sunshine (Pequeña miss sunshine)

quotes, skinny, and fat image Image by ileaoanaandreea

17- Marley and me (Marley y yo)

Image by N e v e r l a n d. dog, marley and me, and movie image

18- The impossible (Lo imposible)

film, movie, and naomi watts image the impossible, movie, and love image

19- Gifted (Un don excepcional)

girl, movie, and gifted image girl, movie, and gifted image

20- Flipped (Mi primer amor)

love, flipped, and movie image Image by Galile 🌻

ps: you should definitely watch all the harry potter, maze runner and twilight films.

Don´t want to make this article much longer, my movie list is really big and varied...

Thanks for reading❣️