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This Sunday aired Teen Wolf Season 6 Finale... or in other words we'll never have another teen wolf brand new chapter... because it was the last... EVER!

It didn't feel like a finale to me. Even less a tv show last finale! I must admit there were some things that worked well but most didn't... at least for me! So, here's a complete list of what I think was right or what was not.

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Point 1! Scott was the narrator. Nothing wrong but telling the last tale like this didn't seem right. We deserved live action not analepses!
Point 2: It started with a new character, Alec, and they made it all about him. My interpretation is that they tried to recreate the first episode where Scott learns about werewolves and hunters. Truth is, for me, it didn't feel like the appropriate episode to do it. Maybe somewhere mid-season because it was a good idea just misplaced.
Three: Scott expresses his feelings about what happened to Allison... to Chris! Well, it was a deep moment but I think the telepathic understanding that there was between them was way better. They both still feel heartbroken about her death and always will. The attempt to romanticize it was the worst ever. It was a lot profound before they brought that out.

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4 - Alec again - So every time anyone wants to join Scott's pack, Scott (and Stiles) check-up first if they can trust in them. But not with Alec. It was just fine letting him in!
Not exactly a point.. When Stiles and Derek arrive, in the middle of the shooting, everybody's hiding and stuff, they found time to talk without getting shot!
5. Deucalion dies! Yeah, nobody liked him but he was being nice and he was the one teaching Scott and Malia to fight blind. My point is, with all that skills he couldn’t hear or feel (or all that complicated names he said) there was a bunch of cars coming. Well, everyone makes mistakes, yes, they do. And what about, when they arrive... and got out of the cars... and started shooting?? I think he would have had time to at least move. Killing him by trespassing him with gunshots wasn't a good idea.. not even close.

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Point 6. Stydia reunion. They made it all about Styles in 6a. Stydia is real and all. He comes back. Hero moment. And they just talk?? Guess they didn't have enough minutes left to a little "soul mate reunion".
Not exactly another point. It's not the first season Scott and his friends had to deal with more than one threat. Usually they both get equal screen time. With Gerard as the one that strikes most it left no room for their main problem. It seemed to me they were forcing a supernatural villain into the story. The Anuk-ite was the cause of Beacon hill's rebellion and caused all Scott's troubles, that is right, but it felt like it was a surface problem.
Point 7. Stile's deepest fear... Blindness?? Really?? After all he's been through?? I mean, Lydia, Scott, sheriff Stilinsky, he would shatter if something happened to them. A lot of episodes were based on this. And he fucking was Void Styles! He lost control, he hurted his friends (felt like it anyway, he said) he would be terrified that it would happen again!
8: So, Lydia spent a lot of time suffering with her power. Then, a lot of time, learning how to use it. And she breaks a door. That's it. That's her hero moment. One of the most badass character with the most interesting power and she kicks a door!

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What are you telling me??

8, same point, different character. Melissa used a taser on a guy. That's all. Nothing clever. Nothing brave. She just knocks out someone and that was her moment.

Biggest point - 9 - Gerard and Monroe, and Kate (and everyone that came to Beacon Hill's to try to kill Scott) wasted a lot of resources trying to find something that would help them beat Scott. Yellow wolfsbane. So far so good. Scott gets shot. Scott is dying! Let just burn it out, says Derek. And it’s over. Like this. The mysterious and powerful venom that would put Scott down is easily curable. Remember back in season one when Kate shot Derek with regular wolfsbane and they spent the whole episode trying to save him?? Scott is an alfa but they could've put a little more effort into this matter.

10, the Anuk-ite will kill if you look in its eyes..... but then they're not dead. Sounds like it was just to make it scarier.
Eleven point - Gerard is dead! Is he? After all the things we've seen on this show it is a thing I would gladly watch. It wasn't all bad, Kate got to kill him along with all that family crap that meant nothing to Gerard, and Chris got away with his head as clean as possible.

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12. Theo's redemption had to happen after all that time trying to enter the pack. But with that guy really?? Scott wasn't even there!
Point 13. The Anuk-ite instigates fear. Monroe turns into a hunter, brave (pain in the ass) hunter! The Anuk-ite is defeated and she runs away! Angry and scared! Come on.

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14 - Scalia wasn't romantic enough. They started fine early in the season but it seemed they tried to rush it in time of season's finale that the kiss looked just like a kiss!
Last point: Scott's pack! His father, Melissa, Argent and the sheriff are where they belong. Theo after all didn't get it, did he?? Peter went to do what he does, whatever it is. Deaton appeared. Jackson and Ethan got their happy ending. And then Derek, Malia, Stiles, Lydia and Liam (and Alec) walked beside Scott meaning they will always be there. Lacks a bit of togetherness to me.

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I'm just really mad Theo wasn't there with Liam to put a stone over their divergences. #thiam
And where the fuck is Isaac??

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I missed Kira too.

Positive points

BEST POINT: The resolution to trap the Anuk-ite resided on one very basic and potent substance. Mountain Ashes. It was amazing ending it so simply. No big tricks. That's what I loved most about this show. It was always so simple that made it beautiful. And, as the legend says, only humans can use mountain ash. So, Stiles, proving you don't need to be a supernatural being to be a hero, saves the day.
2nd: It was really clever bringing Void Styles and the Nogitsune as Scott's fear. The idea of not being able to save his beloved ones terrifies him. And losing one of them (again) is truly devastating. Then, in a moment of wisdom, he understands that the only thing he has to do is not be scared.

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3rd: Derek was back and they did a phenomenal approach to his character in his scene with the Anuk-ite. Bringing Jennifer as his deepest fear was simply genius! It was a subtle way to show why he left (or apologize for it). It also showed the complex character he is.

Also good points:

> Gerard always was a good villain. Well, at least I love to hate him! His plans throughout the season were very good actually. And the final one, splitting Scott's pack, was his best plan ever!
*>*After all the humiliation Monroe puts sheriff Stilinski through during the season he got a badass moment. And Parrish gets to use his power in a very "cool" way.
> Jackson's tail!!
> Coach is the best! I wasn't expecting it.

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Share your opinion with me,
Remember this article is only about what I feel about the episode and think of it! Because I really loved the show!!

Lots of Love
Vânia Santos