hey guys!
today i am writing 50 things to do before you die. ( a bucket list, basically)
i will write "check" next to the ones i have already done, just to remind myself of all the fun stuff i`ve experienced.
i am aware not all of these are easy to achieve, but if you wanna try it out anyways, make sure to save this article and just tag along!
let`s get started:`)

1. have a meaningful conversation with a stranger

2 ride a zip line ride

3. read a book before you watch the movie (check)

4. jump off a cliff

5. make a beauty product at home (check)

6. visit paris (check)

7. swim in the ocean (check)

8. climb up a mountain (check)

9. get a tattoo

10. go scuba diving

11. have a white christmas (check)

12. sit front row at a fashion show

13. see the northern lights (check)

14. donate blood

15. raft down a waterfall

16. develop an app or website

17. visit all the continents

18. go a week without makeup (check)

19. skinny dip (check)

20. speak 3 languages (check)

20. go skiing (check)

21. fly in a hot air balloon

22. go horseback riding (check)

23. plant a tree, and watch it grow (check)

24. publish a book

25. have a pet (check)

26. live in a different country for at least 6 months

27. act in a movie ( self-production counts )

28. explore a cave

29. go without any electronics for a week (check)

30. see cherry blossoms in japan

31. hit the bullseye on a dartboard (check)

32. visit a volcano (check)

33. fly in a helicopter

34. ride a rollercoaster (check)

35. fall in love

36. visit a castle (check)

37. build a tree house in your backyard (check)

38. solve a rubix cube

39. see a sunrise and sunset (check)

40. sleep in a tent (check)

41. swim with dolphins

42. write a song (check)

43. do the color run

44. flip on a trampoline (check)

45. write in a diary/journal for a year straight

46. win a game of chess (check)

47. carve a pumpkin (check)

48. have chocolate fondue (check)

49. knit a piece of clothing (check)

50. find a passion

that was it guys! how many of these have you done? also, let me know what you thought of my bucket list, and if i can include anything else!
bye for now!