It's so hard to be confident and have a high self esteem in our society. Because everything we do is being watched and judged. However, having a low self esteem and lack confidence is really bad for your mental health and you probably won't go far in this world where we need leaders and people who aren't scared of others. I'm still struggling with this. It takes time and work to stop being insecure, it doesn't happen in one day. But here are some tricks I am using to become CONFIDENT.

1- Have a good posture. Practice walking and sitting straight. Keep your head up.

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Standing tall, walking with your head held high and sitting straight will boost your confidence plus it's a healthier habit.

2- Look at people in the eyes. Smile to them and DON'T BE SCARED to say hi and compliment them.

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People will probably do the same for you and even though they didn't, you made someone's day a little better, don't forget that.

3- Compliment yourself too! Get to know yourself and find your qualities! Find also your flaws and try to grow as a BETTER PERSON.

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Embrace yourself and be proud of who you are because no one else is like you.

4- Wear clothing that makes you feel good and flawless. It can be sexy, casual, comfortable, conservative... Whatever really. You just need to feel like a QUEEN.

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However you dress, you must enjoy what you are wearing. Dress for yourself, not others

5- Take care of your BODY.

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Workout, eat healthy, have a self care routine, take showers, use products for your skin and if you want, put makeup. Learn to like your body the way it is.

6- Do not CARE about what other people think of you. Say what you want to say, stand up for what you believe in and keep your morals.

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People will judge you and try to change who you are whatever you do. So choose to be yourself and stop comparing yourself to others

7- Being confident is NOT making fun of others to feel SUPERIOR. Be nice to EVERYONE, except those who don't deserve it.

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Girl on girl hate is so dumb. Hate in general is dumb. Making people feel bad about themselves won't make you feel better than them. Be kind to yourself but also others

8- Be POSITIVE, relax and look for the good in every situation.

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Having a positive thinking often attracts a positive outcome. Being negative and stressing over stuff will make you feel as if you are not in control which will make you feel insecure.

9- Do what you LOVE and ENJOY doing.

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Having fun with friends, play with your pet, taking photos, talking to your family, drawing or dancing like crazy on your favorite songs... Make time to do what you love and try new stuff. What makes you happy is what make you have a higher self esteem.

10- Be INDEPENDENT and STOP apologizing for being YOURSELF.

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Don't depend on people because they are selfish and can leave anytime. Do stuff for yourself and don't let people tell you what to do. And, also very important, don't apologize for embracing your life and being yourself.

I hope this will help you, LOVE YOURSELF and STOP CARING SO DAMN MUCH ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OR SAY. Enjoy your life by starting building yourself.