Darkness nothing but a drop
Early morning with a pop
Entering your window;
Have you ever asked them all
Morning shadows on the wall
"Hey, where did you go?"

moon, sky, and night image

Your eyes, they're closed
Your lips, they're so tired
No need for kissing;
The starlings weren't singing
Over the rooftops lingering
The silence was playing.

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Oh Lord, help me out
Turn the planet one circle back around
Yes, please, pull that lever;
The night we've had has been so short
but we needed one of sort
that would last forever.

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In my eyes nothing but dust
In my heart full of rust,
All the warmth went missing;
The starlings weren't singing
Over the rooftops lingering,
The silence was playing.

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You have to know
you weren't awake
that's why you didn't see
the shadows were dancing.
-Bajaga i Instruktori

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