Not really a long time ago I thought distance can't break true love. Like you can (not easily but you can) live through months with video chat, and whithout touching each other, because soulmates do not depend on physical stuff. I had this thought in a kind of theoretical way, becouse in those times I hadn't got serious relationships, particularly long-distance ones.

At the beginning of this year's summer I met my first big love. HIM. We had a wonderful time, we loved each other madly, never being lazy for travelling 2 and a half hours to see each other. We didn't live in the same city but these few hours didn't mean any problem. Oh, I miss these easy times. Just two and and a half hours. It might mean a lot to you guys, but in spite of the fact that it has jumped quickly to 16 hours, they seem very attractive to me.

My love moved to an another country to study. He planned this whole abroad studying before he met me, and I couldn't have make him stay. Studying there was his dream. Maybe a dream which will last longer than our relationship. I knew that if he stayed he would've been depressed, so I let him go.

He left two weeks ago. Ever since we talk on video chat and he's very happy. He loves living abroad. I'm fine most of the times too; I'm a senior now, I have loads of things to do. But it's much more complicated than being fine with your current things. The feeling that you can't just have a spontaniac tought that " Oh, I miss you so I'll visit you 20 minutes later.". Let's make it clear. The 'I miss you' 'cause I didn't see you since yesterday, ans the 'I miss you' 'cause you're 13000 kms away and I didn't see you in weeks, are two other planets. I felt the first one and it's like a little summer breeze in spite of the one I feel now which is the brother of any devastating hurricane. The absence of touches, hugs, kisses. The 20-30 minutes of talking aren't enough. All these things can make you crazy crybaby quickly.

And now like a thunder, our long-planned randez-vous is being cancelled. He has to work and adding the time spent in the university we would have almost no time together. Our next meeting will take place at Christmas. And Christmas is a family holiday, so our time will be limited.
I feel lost. So fucking lost. I know, maybe some of you who are reading this, and didn't give up becouse of this article's length (mine is the longest one that I have seen yet), may suffered worse long-distance relationships, or may be in ones during longer time. I'm not a complaining little buttock, I just had to write my feelings down, becouse I had so much in my mind. And I also know that you can miss someone hard after a short period of time... all I say that this feels a lot worse.

So... can soulmates survive the crisis of being separated for months? I think they can, and I hope that we can too. It's a hard an torturing quest but I'm a hopeless romantic and a naturally positive person so I'll try to stay strong.

If you have any advice or idea or a similar story, just write to me! I'd be glad If i found some guys who are in the same pants as me.

Have a wonderful day!