Hello everyone!

I'm sorry if you do not understand something, I'm not very good at English. (obs.: I am portuguese)

As this is my first article I thought about doing 20 facts about me. That's a good idea, right?



1- My name is Filipa. I know, strange is not it?

2- I was born on February 8th.

3- I am a very shy and very reserved person.

4- I'm Aquarian.

5- I've always been single.

6- I measure 165 centimeters.

7- My favorite color is green, but I love yellow too.

8- My favorite number is 13.

9- My favorite season of the year is certainly fall, I love everything in it!

10- My hobby is to read, but I intend to learn to play bass.

11- My favorite musical style is indie and rock.

12- My favorite place (in the world) is Canada.

13- My favorite song is 'Lonely Boy' from 'Black Keys'.

14- My favorite book is 'This Is Where It Ends' from 'Marieke Nijkamp'.

15- I love poetry.

16- If you need to give me something, always give me food.

17- My favorite subject is math.

18- I'm addicted to tea and cold days.

19- My favorite band is 'The Killers'.

20- I've never been to a concert.

Well, this was 20 facts about me but if you want to know me better send me a postcard :)

Tell me if you liked it and thanks for reading!