Hello, lovely people!
First time I posted!
Also the first time I'm posting something I wrote! and actually, it's my first articles in the internet world!
okay, I would talk of my favorite Places I want to visit in the near future ❤
And Hopefully, I start visiting them as soon as possible.


is a country full of different activities and traditions to engage in. Enriching us with its culture of wearing kimonos, visiting shrines and temples, participating in tea ceremonies, and constant advancements in technology; there are a countless number of fun and exciting things to do in Japan.

aesthetic japan japan aesthetic

- Havana, Cuba -

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- Granada, Spain -

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- London, United Kingdom -

airplane Big Ben city oxford

- Lisbon, Portugal -

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- Hong Kong -

Superthumb Superthumb city china

- South Korea -

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- Switzerland -

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- Newzealand -

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❤ I hope you like my post