My dear daughter,
If I could fight all the demons life is going to throw at you, I'd be your own personal soldier. Sadly, I can't always do that. But my sweet girl, do not give up. You are so much bigger than these issues that are passing through our lives, and I promise you baby, I am fighting my hardest.
Olyvia, I ask of you one thing. I'll understand if you kick out sports or music one day. I'll forgive you when you slam the door in my face and say you "hate me" and you want to "run away." But I will not understand if you stop dreaming. You are so capable of being anyone you choose to be. Whether you want to be a doctor, or simply be a clerk; whatever that dream of yours is, chase it with every ounce in your being.
Those nights you are laying in bed crying, wishing someone would understand your pain, please know I'll be on the other side of your door crying, because I do. Your pain, is my pain. I promise there is nothing on this planet that I love more than I love you. How could I? My sweet girl, you're most precious thing I've ever laid my eyes upon.
I guess my goal is to give you the life I never had. That sounds so cliche, but that's the honest truth. I don't want you to be miserable and drop out. Quite frankly I'd prefer you don't end up 18 and pregnant. Raising you on my own will be the toughest thing I've ever had to do. But you are worth ever tear, every smile, every laugh, and every hug and kiss.

I love you always, Olyvia Marie. Dream big.