I don't want to be stormed by hormone fed passion.
I don't want my heart to hurt at the thought of you.
I just want a love like theta waves and white noise.
I want to miss you with a quiet melancholy.
I want a solitary tear rolling down my cheek.
I want your hand softly caressing mine.
I want a tender kiss under the trees and stars.
I want the breeze in my hair and you by my side.
I don't want the havoc of opposites attracting.
I want to hear your words like a spring song.
I want to feel your gaze like the sunshine.
I don't want to lose my breath at your sight.
I don't want to fear your silence.
I don't want to induce touch just to arouse.
I want to seduce your thoughts.
I want to remember your preferences.
I want to get my way as well.
I want these things to grow similar.
I don't want heartbeats out of line.
I want steady increases of seratonin.
I want sound sleep in your bed.
I want my space and your respect.
I want tight grips on my waist.
I want gentle grips on my heart.
I don't want to drown in kisses.
I want to rise in completion.
I don't want instinctive ardor.
I want love without emotion.