This is my first article..I feel more inspired than ever.
Why am I writing this? No reason.
I wanted to introduce myself and to let a bit of mystery out. so, yeah.
I'm writing this while listening to my favorite song, it has a beautiful message hidden, can someone figure out?;]

ok, so here is a bit about me.
I am a simple girl..I love aesthetics, mysteries and lots of stuff that other people don't know exist..I love existence and I hate it at the same time..I watch anime, movies and listen to music. I could tell that I have a big life experience...even tho I'm just a teenage dirtbag.
I know it was too short, but I just wanted to keep on wondering about me whoever is reading this. :}

Sorry if i did any grammar mistakes. I'm writing all this from my laptop.
Hope you will enjoy this article that I've written. peace✎✌