Can we say they are one in the same? Would it make sense to call something you don't know stupid? Can we ask the question, "Why don't you want to know?" I wonder this as I ponder you sitting there absentmindedly. You know nothing of Chaucer or Forester, is that by choice? I wish you understood the meaning of things and how they come to be. The symbolism in art is profound and the structure of poetry is magnificent. What about the day to day political scandal, are you learned in the ways of the debate? Can I sit here and call you unknowing simply because you don't understand. The difference is the will to know, you know. You must have the passion to comprehend what you do not already. When you lie down to be ignorant is when you achieve immaturity. You must always be asking the next question to be a renaissance man. You can not retreat from the wonderful awe of knowing only because it's scary. We all fear what we have not learned. We must overcome the fear. I will say of the two we all are ignorant, but we choose to be immature.