Cigarettes, drinks and laughter.
This is what life is all about.
Welcome to the world of those who never age,
And still crave to grow up.

They run, they sing, they try.
They try everything new and find new ways to enjoy the old.
Their bodies tremble with the craving of exploration.
Their spirits are endless.

Welcome to the world were bodies sway with the melody of any sound,
And the sound of rain only means it is time go outside.
Everyone here loves, hates and hurts,
And they do it a million times more than everyone else.

Welcome to the place you´ll never know anyone´s true face.
Masks are mandatory and no one cares who you are.
Stars grant wishes and dreams,
And the sun takes them away.

You´ll lose yourself and swear you found you.
You´ll grow insane and learn to love it.
Welcome to the time of your life.
Welcome to your teenage years.