Fall is the best time of the year! There is so many fun things to do, that is why I decided to write this article. I hope to give you guys fun ideas to do this fall with your besties or family!:)
1. Deep car convos

2. Haunted houses

3. Hike

4. Fires

10. Carmel apples

11. Scary movies

12. Whatch sunset

13. Make a thankful for list

14. Go to pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins

15. Take a cute boys hoodie;)

16. Corn maze

17. Make a pie

18. Hot tub

19. Make soup

20. Kiss

21. Paint cute Fall nails

22. Burn fall candles

23. Stargaze

24. Do fall crafts (paint, decorate, build)

25. Find fun fall/Halloween recipes

26. Go to a football game

27. Have a fall photo shoot

28. Have a little breakfast get together

29. Night swim

30. Build a pillow fort

31. Hay rides

32. Decorate cookies

33. Start a "wreck this book"

34. Game night

35. Jump in leaves

36. Go to the zoo

37. Scary stories

38. Roast marshmallows


40. Pottery painting

41. Karaoke night

44. Night games

45. Complete a puzzle

46. Scavenger hunt

47. Shopping

48. Hot chocolate

49. Snowboard, ski, sledding

50. Host or go to a Halloween party

51. Apple picking

52. Make goodie bags for your friends

53. Find and listen to new music

54. Make bracelets

55. Have a spa day

56. Go to the fair

57. have a BBQ

58. Long board, Skateboard or scooter

59. Rock climbing

60. Go on a walk

61. Chalk

62. Concerts

63. Get a new tattoo

64. Volleyball tournament

65. Coloring

65. Get fun Halloween socks from target

66. Drive in

67. Halloween sleepover

68. Dress up for Halloween

69. Go to a amusement park near you

70. Trampoline parks

71. The aquarium

72. Make a video of all the fun thing you do

73. Go on dates

74. Bowling

75. Disco night/rollerskating

76. Ice blocking

77. Make a cut & tie blanket

78. Do something different with your hair

79. Face masks

80. Go to $5 movie day

81. Go tanning

82. Have a polaroid photo shoot

83. Download free prints and print of pictures to decorate your wall

84. Clean out your clothes and take to the D.I.

85. Boo someones house

86. Skydive

87. Plan a trip

88. Re-decorate your room

89. Hammock

90. Camping

91. Go on a road trip

92. Read a new book

93. Black Friday

94. Go tanning

95. Zip-lining

96. Get a new piercing

97. Start a new show

98. Get a new pet

99. Write happy thoughts and hide them around town

100. Make a scrapbook of all your fun adventures this fall!

I hope you guys liked these ideas! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about any of the ideas on the list or even if you need some ideas for crafts or recipes! Be safe and have fun this fall!