As i have known this the longest time, I am not like most teenagers.
I feel like i don not belong in this generation at this time in life.
I don`t like that we can date and meet people through apps.
I am an old soul.
Pardon me.
The number of time my friends look in the mirror to check how they look and ask me how they look, is unnecessary.
They text guys but they don`t know what they want, They lead them on or play hard to get or want them like nothing else.
I don`t like to drink and I don`t smoke.
But I love to dance, like at the parties i mean.
And I think people care more about likes and a fake life they created in the social media.
I am (like I love to say "Life Smart."
I like to see the bigger picture.
That we are young and a whole unexpected life awaits us.

That`s for now